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Page history last edited by Shoq Value 8 years, 3 months ago


About a Character Assassination Of @Shoq Value (aka Matt Edelstein)

And Index of information and exhibits for the public record
Curators: Various Shoq Supporters and Bloggers                Short Link to this Page: j.mp/shoqvalueexposed

Introduction:  The Backstory In Brief

On August 6th, an assault was launched on Shoq’s name and reputation on Twitter, which had simmered below the radar until a Twitter user named Jessica Delahunty (@vdaze) wrote a blog post where an 8 month old voice mail message—which Shoq freely admitted publicly was inappropriate and wrong— and included a link to a rather nutty and completely undocumented smear site created allegedly by some other woman claiming shoq @abused her too years ago (in ways not very convincingly articulated or documented). Most people, including @vdaze always knew they site was actually the work of people mentioned, or connected to those mentioned below.
     The @vdaze blog post was designed to use such highly selective evidence, together with her “story of feeling intimidated by @shoq’s well known “loud” verbal style,” the illusion that Shoq had some enormous issue with women, and in fact often “bullied them.” This was cynically designed to echo and resonate with a nearly 3 year old similar campaign by the blogger @Gottalaff, whom @vdaze herself had once helped @shoq to discredit, as her whispered charges were never evidenced by anything but claims that @shoq once hurt her feelings.  

     All of these stories are connected and borrow from many origins, grudges. and political beefs, but never before have they be wilfully synced up in a campaign actively promoted by several friends of @vdaze who were, up until recently, friends of @shoq, as well.  Foremost among these former friends were Imani Gandy (aka @angryblacklady), an attorney, and at some point, a legal associate and personal friend Darshann Simon Padilla (aka @honeybadgerLA), and attorney now living in Colorado.  Padilla had been a brief romantic partner of @shoq’s that @angryblacklady had introduced him to during one of many break-ups with @vdaze. Both attorneys, perhaps not coincidentally, are actively engaged in trying to promote themselves and fundraise as women’s rights advocates. 


     Since this page was started, the real motivation for this false narrative and smear campaign was revealed is summarized in this post by Matt Osborne: The Streisand Effect: Synopsis of a Twitter Drama.  This hasn't stopped @vdaze from obsessing almost every day about her little subplot in this bizarre narrative. She tweets my followers or badgers me in any way she can virtually every day. You see, that's what "abused" women do. They harass the man they claim they were abused by. Get it?  Makes so much sense, right? Just follow her and see for yourself.  Do you see a healthy person trying to get on with her life, or someone fixated on lashing out so long as her cheering section showers her with attention and plaudits?  I will be putting up some examples of this fixation here, mostly so people see that it's not me driving her ongoing obsession. It's she and her strange friends.


Background Articles

All of these posts have overlapping and intersecting information by different bloggers, but all reveal important aspects and impacts in their own right. We urge you to read them all.  




Examples of Attacks, Past and Present


  @vdaze — Jessica Delahunty, Baltimore, MD   Cast details


  • @Vdaze’s “Dysfunctional C**t” Tweets  — the first “meltdown” of August 6th, 2012, hours after an email exhange with shoq (vacationing in Canada at the time) discussing how they could fix their relationship. Shoq heard about a rant, but never actually saw the tweets until weeks later.
  • @vdaze Retweeted — While she protects her Twitter stream, she cannot prevent (nor did she really  want to) a huge number of her tweets escaping into the wild. These represent only  a small percentage of what her private feed had actually been seeing on a daily basis week after week after week.


   @HoneyBadgerLA, @angryBlackLady, @vdaze (Jessica) Cast details


  • Collection of tweets — These are just a sampling over a few days of time, showing the tweets of  the three antagonists who both originated and promoted an ongoing smear campaign consisting of tweets, direct messages and blog posts from August 6th thru late September of 2012 (and continuing). The tweets are explained in various narratives below under “Related Posts”


Harassment of Shoq's Followers and Supporters



Hashtag and Tweet Campaigns

Note: There have been tens of thousands of tweets about this smear campaign. Picking almost any name from any of the exhibits below, and the searching “Shoq and @TheirName” at a site like Topsy.com will show you all you need to know about how intensely these people have worked this “Shoq abuser meme” for most of August and September (2012).  But in many cases, it will also show that these same names have  BEEN attacking Shoq for several years. This latest vdaze abuse narrative is merely their latest pretext for these attack (many which have political origins, as well as simply “defenders of @Gottalaff or @NicoleSandler” roots.

Note: Many of these are real top topsy searches, and many of the offenders, especially @HoneybadgerLA, @miltshook, @angryblacklady and others have deleted many of their tweets before a permanent multi-page archive could be saved.  But some screenshots and archives exist, and they will be posted here as time permits. Naturally, the originals can and may be requested by court order. If @angryblackLady and @honeybadgerLA, both attorneys and officers of the court wish to publicly lie about posting anything shown here faithfully, such statements will be added to the record.  

Update: I have still not had time to replace the links below with the stored archives, but will soon be adding them to a database (11/20/2012). If you need them, ask and I can send them as zip files.


Note2: HoneybadgerLA changed her twitter account name, since this post was made and many of her posts vanished. She has since restored it, but her posts never came back. Most of them are screen grabbed here. 


  • #AbusiveFuck Tweets — (18 pages of them) — wherein key players engage in repetitive hashtag attacks for days.
  • @angryblacklady Tweets — over only a 24 Hour Period on 9/21/2010, 7 weeks after drama began
  • @AngryBlackLady Tweets Mentioning Shoq  — over 6 week period. All parties involved have deleted many tweets, but they are captured in various forms.
  • @honeybadgerLA Tweets — Again, many key tweets deleted, but captured elsewhere.
  • Mixed Attacker Tweets  — (similar to 100s of other streams)
  • Recent Reputation Assassination Tweets By @iboudreau, who has maintained a “I’m Switzerland” approach, urging me to not discuss the matter on Twitter, only to recently unleash this kind of attack (after @shoq had been silent for over a week). He’s a friend of @angryblacklady, @semishark, and  @vdaze, who had always asserted that he admired her, and probably had some romantic inclinations toward her, as well.
  • Jason Leopold Tweets — a discredited journalist  and friend of @Gottalaff’s, and a common @shoq attacker for many years, and a key suspect behind one or  more attack sites aimed at @shoq.Leopold’s ongoing rage at @shoq has several origins, but is most often attributed to @Shoq’s criticisms of his partner, Dr. Jeff Kaye, who was a central figure in the Bradley Manning “torture” hysteria led by Glenn Greenwald and Firedoglake.  Leopold is famous for his sock puppetry, and his shoq bashing words and phrases can be easily found in many similar tweets over the course of this and other past dramas.
  • DudeImAnEgg  Over 1300 consecutive tweets from 4/7/2011 until 9/27/2012.  Virtually every one of them about @shoq.  This person has done endless dirty work for any smear campaign aimed at shoq.  Why Twitter allows such behavior is simply appalling. 

Supporters Speaking Up

  • @Dkchoco — (aka Caro Hussein) tweets her mind about vdaze and this pointless drama.
  • @hapkidogal —  tweets her feelings about the matter.
  • More coming as time permits, but this is not considered an important part of this document.


   Supportive Posts By Misc. Bloggers



Shoq’s Posts



Important Documents



The Major Cast Members

Note: Information here is publicly disclosed by the parties, except where not available or published.

  • @honeybadgerLA — Darshann Simon Padilla, Esq.,
  • @angryBlackLady — Imani Gandy, West Hollywood, CA -  Angryblacklady.com
  • @vdaze — Jessica, Baltimore, MD
  • @dvnix — a former close friend of Shoq’s, who befriended Darshann Simon, and now claims in private messages that Shoq “abused” a friend “last April” (when Simon was visiting with Shoq in Florida) and tweets in vigorous defense of the “Shoq the abuser or cad” narratives.  
  • @gjplaw — Gabriel J. Padilla, claimed by @HoneybadgerLA to be her husband, who appeared in March, and immediately accused shoq of flirting with his wife the day after she introduced them. There were never any such tweets posted, and it has been speculated that HoneybadgerLA actually created that account to set up a “jealousy narrative” using shoq, who she had only that week been introduced to by @angryblacklady. (Who, perhaps not coincidentally, had been introduced to Shoq by @vdaze in early 2011).
  • @FarRightOfLeft — aka @farLeftofRight aka Jason Wade Taylor, aka Randy Hahn  — a right wing blogger from Houston, TX who first appeared as an infiltrator of shoq’s stoprush.net project, and alleged publicly in tweets and blog posts that Imani Gandy was his source for leaked information from shoq and his friends. More details of this will be published. His many “sock accounts” on Twitter can be seen by finding any of his many tweets and searching for the same text.  A very partial list of his socks have included:  
    • @texasPress @texasPress2 @crankyshoq @texasProgressives  @StopKrystal @StopGilaJones @shoqsnuts @sassysouthdem @pardonmeshoq @nomoreshoq @Inforafight @Elmersink @ConradWBrean @BunnyOsborne @Carltheliberal @PressTexas @texasPress2 @Populist @OpusDei @InForaFight @PressTexas


Supporting Cast Members  - aka The Twitter Brigade


The Nucleus group

These are the people who have organized this campaign, or have been central to perpetuating it daily

  • @vdaze, @angryBlackLady,  @honeybadgerLA, @vdaze, @heatherEchase,
  • @jennyjinx, @shopaholic_918, @semishark, @luthorCEO


The Point People 

These people engage in the attacks almost daily, for whatever neurotic or obsessive motives compel them

  • @gottalaff, @tymlee, @nadiaArtist , @jasonleopold, @tllanes, @cody_k, @wendylefty, @iboudreau
  • @TheXClass,  @themanknowasx, @jc_christian, @DudeImAnEgg, @raine1967, @lyssophobe


The Echo Chamber

Followers, sychophants and trolls who RT and/or echo the Nucleus and Point people almost daily (or hourly)


The Conversative Bloggers

The right wing extremists who have plenty of political reasons to perpetuate this pointl

  • @brooksbayne, @stranahan, 
  • @farRightOfLeft  (aka "Randy Hahn" aka James Wade Taylor, @farleftofright,  aka @idesOfSimon  @serr8d @thetexaspress @texaspress2 @nomoreshoq






"Even with reduced anonymity, cyber-bullying is unlikely to subside. People can be forced to confront their actions, but they cannot be forced to feel ashamed. This deficit of empathy, which endures even when its cruel consequences are revealed, is what should concern us most. "


Short Link to this Page: j.mp/shoqvalueexposed 








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